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The typography and font designs of Rob Clarke.

UK-based Rob Clarke has an extensive portolio of typography and font designs built up during his time working with notable clients such as Cable & Wirless, Tetley, Barclays and Air Asia.

Logotype creation, typographic development and refinement and custom designed fonts. Achieving the right characteristics for a corporate typeface can produce a powerful message. Rob creates unique letterforms that help express and distinguish the brand.

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‘Lady René’ typeface by Laura Varsky.

A beautifully crafted, hand-written typeface by Laura Varsky. As if creating the type wasn’t enough, Laura has also produced these illustrations to demonstrate the typeface’s versatility.

For almost 15 years now my work has focused on the design of editorial pieces, predominantly books and CD sleeves. Typography proper has always been central to my research projects. All my obsessions eventually embodied as much the search for a perfect, spotless text as for a daring and provoking one. In my view, “how-to-say-something” ranks highest amongst a graphic designer’s responsibilities.

More of Laura Varsky and the full set of illustrations:
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